StyleNa Korean Hair Salon


Korean Senior Stylist

Off Days: Sunday

Specialization: Korean Perm, Rebonding

I believe that we don’t meet people by accident and that every meeting has a meaning in life.
Once this moment passes, it may never come back so I want to make every hair experience with me a happy one… and make a positive impact on their lives.

Jina may be the maknae in Style Na but don’t underestimate her because of that.

This impeccably dressed Korean stylist has garnered a number of fans thanks to her gorgeous natural perms! As it’s difficult to explain in detail about different hairstyles, Jina actually took the time to compile the latest trending perm and colour photos and show it to you during consultation so she can better grasp the kind of hairstyle you like. Jina will also systematically check your head shape and document your preferences in a consultation card so that she can better customize your current and future hairstyles. These are just examples of how she goes above and beyond to make sure that customers love the hairstyle she designs. Maybe because of her detailed nature and eagerness to do her best, Jina is increasingly accumulating loyal customers who love her natural Korean-style haircut and perms!

Beyond styles, Jina is very sincere and fun to be with. Maybe because she’s married to a Singaporean husband, Jina’s command of Singlish is actually pretty good, so time passes really quickly as we chatted with her about K-dramas, Korean food and even Korean celebs.

If you’re looking for a fail-safe natural Korean perm / rebonding, Jina is definitely one of the up and coming Korean stylists to try in Style NA!


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#02-67 | 80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269
6348 8035

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#04-03 | 1 Sengkang Square
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