StyleNa Korean Hair Salon



Korean Creative Director

Off Days: Monday

Specialization: Hair Colour, Korean Perms, Rebonding

If you hear any full-throated laughs, it’s likely to come from Lala and her customers.

A truly fun and friendly hairstylist, Lala makes us feel as if we’ve known her forever the moment we sat down and talk to her. Maybe because Lala’s command of English is very good, it is very easy to go off-topic, talking about non-hair issues.

Don’t dismiss her skills just because she’s friendly though. Lala has spent 5 years in the industry as a stylist and many more training under her stylist Mom. As she is exposed to hairdressing from young, her sense of aesthetics is strong and is hence very good at matching hairstyles to the overall look. Always buzzing with ideas, Lala enjoys helping customers see a new version of themselves by combining the new perm and colour. That is possibly why a number of her customers actually follow her all the way from Bishan to Katong! She isn’t just good with perms and colour though; Lala enjoys a strong following among male customers as well. She has after all won top awards for male haircuts and styling back in Busan!

Overall, a Korean hairstylist who makes the entire hair experience so enjoyable, you’d barely realise that 3 hours have passed!


Style NA Parkway Parade exterior


#02-67 | 80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269
6348 8035

Style NA Korean Salon Compass Point


#04-03 | 1 Sengkang Square
Singapore 545078
6388 4247


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