StyleNa Korean Hair Salon


Korean Senior Stylist

Off Days: Tuesday

Specialization: Korean Perm, Rebonding

I don’t just want to be a hairstylist; I hope to also be a friend who shares honest advice and in your darkest moments, your eternal supporter.

Want a perm that still looks good 6 months later? Viki is the stylist you should definitely look for.

12 years of experience in both Korea and Singapore honed Viki’s perming and rebonding so much so that her digital perm can last more than 6 months even without any trims! Whether you have straight or curly hair, Viki is able to remove the frizz and give you an easy-to-manage C curl that makes you look sleek with minimal maintenance!
It’s not just ladies who go to her. We hear that she enjoys a strong following among men for her long-lasting Korean two-block haircut as well as Men’s perm. If you haven’t already, her Men’s perm is a must-try as it adds much volume without the curls, adding quite a bit of your pizzazz to your usual hairstyle.

Overall, a highly skilled and experienced Korean hairstylist we are confident to recommend.


Style NA Parkway Parade exterior


#02-67 | 80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269
6348 8035

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#04-03 | 1 Sengkang Square
Singapore 545078
6388 4247


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